History: Kanna [scientifically named Mesembryanthemum Tortuosum], is a succulent indigenous to South Africa. With its first known accounts in the 1600’s, Sceletium was long thought to be South Africa’s variant of China’s “Ginseng,” thus sort after by the European and Asian Shipping Trades. It has a history of traditional use by native communities for its believed properties, including alertness, mood enhancement and stress relief. It is said to have been used by South African hunter gatherers ahead of long hunting trips. 

Chemical constitution: Kanna contains a psychoactive (…not psychedelic) compound called Mesembrine, which behaves as a Seratonine Re-uptake Inhibitor, hence suggested to have stress relief and mood enhancement properties.* 

Other marketed products: The worlds leading researched and clinically studied extract of Kanna is known as Zembrin. Zembrin is proven to deliver mood-enhancement, anxiety-reducing and cognitive function enhancing properties. Numuti uses a different Kanna extract than that trademarked as Zembrin.

* There is no substantial evidence that Kanna is effective for treating any medical condition and it has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a prescription drug.

Whilst Numuti does have a calm sparkle, this is so much  more than a sparkling water. Numuti is a botanically flavored Functional beverage curated to help with executive functioning, Stress and mood elevation. The added bonus is that this is a taste of South Africa, something Nu.

Excited to try something Nu. 

Thrive—a lightly caffeinated blend is designed to leave you feeling sharp and in control. 

Unwind, as the name implies, offers a tranquil yet alert experience. We are confident that you will feel good.

Unwind is completely caffeine-free. 

Thrive contains 80mg of natural caffeine from Guarana. The same content as an 8 ounce coffee.

Nootropics, are a diverse group of medicinal substances whose action improves human thinking, learning, and memory.

Slightly sweetened, both Thrive and Unwind have just 5 grams (1 teaspoon) of sugar per 10FLoz can. We’ve intentionally avoided the fake sugary profile that comes with some sugar replacements.

We recommend you drink Numuti chilled, the rest is up to you. The can looks great, or into a glass over some ice, maybe a botanical garnish? Or try something Nu and let us know what you think.

We recommend you limit your consumption to 4 10 fluid ounce cans of Unwind, or 2 10 fluid ounce cans of Thrive in any 24 hour period. Like anything, moderation is the key to healthy consumption.

Thrive is great before or during work, study or planning sessions to help enhance concentration and executive function. We also recommend Thrive before any of your personal mindfulness practices, yoga, bike rides, swimming or enjoying a surf.

Unwind is exactly what its name suggests. Enjoy it during your early evening wind down, reading a book, reflecting on your day or just spending quality time with your friends or family over the weekends.

We advise against consuming Numuti if you are pregnant or under the age of 18. If you are on any form of medication, please consult your health professional prior to consuming Numuti.

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